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Risograph Membership

Our Risograph Membership allows you access to the Riso printing portion of our Print Studio. Our equipment includes our RP 3700 Risograph printer, various Riso color drums, paper and booklet processing equipment, table-top work areas, and stock paper supply. Membership includes free WiFi and coffee during visits.

Day Pass Reservation: no initial charge
To access the studio, members must reserve a four-hour block of studio time. There is no charge to reserve the equipment, though each Riso job does incur a small charge for the master paper and the ink. Members can reserve as many four-hour timeslots as they need to complete their project.

Riso Print Package: $2
Includes one master and up to 50 prints per master. Members may use as many masters as needed during their project as long as they purchase them.
NOTE: It is very costly to both MAKE and you as a member to use more masters than you need. We are happy to give tips to reduce printing costs.

Riso Standard Paper Package: $1
Includes 100 sheets of standard 8.5" x 11" copy paper.

Riso Alternative Paper Package: $1
Includes 25 sheets of all other paper types and sizes.

NOTE: We recommended that members provide their own paper, as our stock paper supply is limited. With at least 10 days advance notice, MAKE can place special orders for paper on your behalf.

Plan details

  • Unlimited visits