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We have moved to our new location on 3rd Ave South! We still have some work to do, so for now you can access to our parking lot from the alley that runs between 2nd and 3rd ave.


Fundamentals of Machine Tools $200Purchase required to enroll

This course is an introduction to basic machine tools used in woodworking.

Fundamentals of Hand Tools $200Purchase required to enroll

This course is an introduction to basic hand tools used in traditional woodworking.


Metalcraft Basics $90Purchase required to enroll

Develop fundamental skills in creating and repairing metal objects.

Project-Based Metalcraft $150Purchase required to enroll

Create or repair functional metal objects and develop skills in metalcraft.

Intro to Gas Welding $90Purchase required to enroll

Our introductory welding class shows you how to weld the traditional way, using an oxygen/acetylene gas to fuel the flame.

Welding [Private Party] $75Purchase required to enroll


Intro to Ceramics: Throwing $140Purchase required to enroll

Learn the basics of creating your own ceramic pieces. Over a four-week course, we will focus on throwing clay on the wheel, trimming your pieces, and glazing to make your work unique.

Intro to Ceramics: Handbuilding $110Purchase required to enroll

Exploring handbuilding techniques over this three-week class. Use slabs, coils and pinch pot methods to create pieces of your very own.


Intro to Screen Printing $70Purchase required to enroll

This workshop provides a casual, fun introduction to the materials and processes used in silkscreen printing.

Intermediate Screen Printing: Two-Color Tea Towels & Totes $130Purchase required to enroll

This two-part class focuses on preparing designs, coating and burning screens, and techniques for printing a set of two-color tea towels.


Wood + Metal Table $410Purchase required to enroll

This six-week class combines woodworking and welding to build an end table or plant stand.

Sewing Basic: Cosplay Kimono $165Purchase required to enroll

Learn the basics of sewing while constructing your own kimono style robe.

Cosplay Basics: Foam Props $165Purchase required to enroll

Need to spruce up your next Cosplay? Learn the basics of foam fabrication in this four week course!

Intro to Stained Glass $225Purchase required to enroll

Learn the basics of stained glass with Blue Dragon Glass.

ecamandco Soy Candle Basics $55Purchase required to enroll

Join ecamandco for a fun evening of pouring custom soy candles!

Bookbinding Basics $85Purchase required to enroll

Learn traditional bookbinding stitches while creating a journal of your very own!

ecamandco Soy Candle Basics [Private Party] Purchase required to enroll

Event Space Rental

Event Space- Screen Printing Room Purchase required to enroll

Event Space Rental - Conference Room No purchase required to enroll